Where Ritual Feasts come from

Many chefs will have stories about how they grew up at the feet of their grannies or mothers who were amazing cooks.  I’m no different.  My grandmother was an excellent cook.  She had a particular knack for koeksisters.  These sweet morsels were almost always available and I find myself fortunate to have had her teach me how to make them. A truly South African treat, I will share her recipe here in due time.  

My mother is formidable in the kitchen as well.  A retired restaurateur, I had my first exposure to the hospitality industry through her.  Many of the South African recipes on Ritual Feasts comes courtesy of her recipe folder.  

When we sit down as a family, I experience a bit of ritual about it.  This to me is the essence about that soul fulfilling family meal.

Being a Private Chef has given me much more free time to spend time with my family.  I love nothing more than to spend the afternoon painting a new Papier-mâché piggy with my daughter or tending to my herb and vegetable garden.  I love a variety of handicrafts such as crochet, sewing, embroidery and am hoping to try my hand at weaving soon.   I’ve been enamored with weaving since I had the opportunity to see it being done in Turkey.

I have a great love for things made by the little guy instead of big business.  

I hope to do much more traveling together as a family in the near future.  I’ve been to some interesting places and experienced great local meals.  This is definitely something I want to share with our daughter.