How to make lavender sugar

How to make lavender sugar

How to make lavender sugar

When it comes to baking especially, there are small little changes that can uplift a recipe from.  Every day tastes can become something special with some thought and planning.

Lavender sugar is one of these little changes.  It’s ridiculously easy to make and will give delightful results (and lavender has many health benefits).  

I am very lucky to have extensive gardens available to me during the day with several different types of lavender.  Any type will do.  Some are more fragrant than others – use the type you like best!  It is however recommended that you choose organically grown lavender.  

The wonderful thing about flavored sugars is that you can build in any variety of extra flavors.  Citrus peel, mint, rosemary, Bay, vanilla, chamomile.  

Happy experiments to you!

How to make lavender sugar

Course Pantry basics
Keyword Homemade lavender sugar, How to make lavender sugar
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 500 ml


  • 500 ml Sugar
  • 100 ml Lavender Washed, dried and picked


  1. Stir the lavender through the sugar.  Pour into an airtight container and use in cookies etc.

Recipe Notes

If you want to use lavender sugar in something like a cake, first chop up the lavender very fine.  

To make a lavender buttercream, substitute granulated sugar with powdered sugar and sieve before use.  

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