Tradition starts at the table.

Kitchen Essentials


Every cook and every kitchen needs a core collection of recipes.  With them, you are able to provide comfort cooking or a fantastic feast.  They are the basic recipes that make magic happen.  This page will give you a solid start.  Check back often as I will keep adding.

Pantry basics

Lavender Sugar / Homemade liqueur / Date Paste (Agwa)


Brioche / CiabattaDinner Rolls / Raisin Bread / Rye / White Bread / Sourdough Starter




Sweet Pastry (Pâte Sucrée) / Tart Pastry (Pâte Sablée) / Pie Pastry (Pâte Brisée) / Choux / Laminated Pastry (Puff, Danish, Croissant) / Three ingredient Shortcrust pastry

Cold set desserts

Chocolate Mousse / Panna Cotta


Brown Stock / White Stock / Vegetable Stock / Fish Stock


The Mother Sauces: Béchamel / Velouté / Espagnole / Sauce Tomat (Tomato Sauce) / Hollandaise